The payment deadlines have passed?

Save yourself from the resource-intensive and legal knowledge requiring process and trust debt collection to the professionals in their field. We respond to debtors objections in a legally adequate manner and we use all legal remedies in order to reach solutions.

When collecting, we follow the principle that the obligations must be fulfilled and the deadlines followed, we keep confidential to ourselves and provide constant feedback. 

Unlike law firms, you do not have to pay us an hourly rate, our service fee is a percentage from the amount received, which ranges from 10 to 50%, depending on the severity of the case and the amount of the claim.

You have nothing to lose because:

  • The price offer is free
  • No prepayments
  • The debtor also pays late penalty interest
  • We calculate our service fee from the amounts received

Initiating the procedure is easy:

  • Send us the documents proving the debt claim (e.g invoices, contracts, e-mails, etc.)
  • after what we will make you a price offer
  • and if it is suitable, we will start the procedure

Our experience has shown that the longer you wait, the higher becomes the probability that you will not be able to recover your debt.

Therefore, we recommend to submit your claims to the procedure immediately »