Do you think of selling receivables?

Selling receivables is a quick way to exchange outstanding liabilities for a cash. As the creditor changes when the receivables are sold, you are permanently relieved of the burdensome communication with the debtor and you can use immediately the capital generated from the sale.

We are ready to buy perspective receivables from both companies and private persons. The purchase price of receivables depends on the amount, age and strength of the claims and from the background of the debtors. We follow the law and good manners in the collection process, as not to damage your existing and future customer relationships.

To receive a purchase offer, please:

  • send us the documents proving the debt claim (e.g invoices, contracts, e-mails, etc.)
  • after which we will make you an offer
  • and if it is suitable, we will purchase the claim

Convert your debt claims to cash already today »