The law of obligation is based on the principle that the obligations must be fulfilled and the deadlines followed and fortunately most agree with it. But what to do if they are not complied with or followed?

There are two ways to deal with debt claims:
  • pre - trial procedure, or extrajudicial debt recovery and
  • judicial procedures, or debt collections through the court
However, recovering debts on its own can be quite difficult, because in addition to the debtor's background and the details of the case, the creditor must also take into account the burden of proof and the need to know the law. Therefore, the recovery of claims is most effective when they are processed by a person with specialized legal knowledge.

Datum Inkasso's long-term experience lawyers know how to act in your interest even in legally complex situations. So you can be sure that if there is a solution to the problem, we will get there. We process claims arising from all legal obligations, both against companies and private persons.

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